Monday, May 31, 2010

Story with childrens characters

My story, 'Meet the Lollykins' is a simple story aimed at 3 to 5 year olds. The Lollykins are a group of Kindergarten age children (age 4-5) made of lollies. Their dog is made of a carrot- just to throw a healthy spin on the story. The story relates to real life occurrences and emotions in the target audience's life- for example- the routine of going to school, playing, then having tea, bath then bed; and feeling sad when someone you are close to is away for a few hours.

I kept the design of the spreads basic, brightly coloured and relative to each other. I used the same style throughout- everything has a bold black outline (which for a childrens character is good in a marketing sense- eg. colour-in books) and the colours arent confusing (the grass is green, the sky is blue, bricks are brown, etc). I used a sans serif font and large text because it is easy to read. The dimensions are 240mm wide by 300mm high for each page, and 480mm wide by 300mm high for each spread. *after getting the assessment sheet, the size had been changed to A4 for one page, A3 each spread, so i have changed the illustrations to suit this *


This is Candy, she is always happy.
This is Fred, he likes to jump around.
This is Na-Na, she likes to dance.
This is Snakey, he likes to play sports.
This is Carrot-Dog, he belongs to Snakey.
Candy, Fred, Na-Na, Snakey and Carrot-Dog live in Lollyville.
Candy, Fred, Na-Na and Snakey are in Kindergarten at Lollyville School.
Carrot-Dog feels sad when Snakey and the Gang are at School.
But after school, all the Lollykins play at the park.
Candy and Fred play hopscotch.
Na-Na dances to her music.
Snakey and Carrot-Dog play with a frizbee.
The Lollykins like to play together and have fun.
Then they all go home and eat their tea.
After a bath, its time for bed.
The Lollykins have had a busy day!

Pages 7 and 8

Pages 11 and 12

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