Tuesday, May 25, 2010



1. Heaven

The photograph of the sky and cloud is one i took. I done this composite after i finished the hell composite, so its based on the same idea only opposite- typical heaven objects, bright and light, images of people who are inspirational in good ways.

2. Hell

The photo of the clouds is one i took. The idea behind this composite is to portray what hell might look like- dark and fiery. The images i have incorporated are of people who are hated by MOST people.


The photo i used that i took was the one of myself. this composite is based on the idea that some music is harmonious to a person and when they listen to it, they feel calm. the musicians pictured are ones that make me calm, also the colours and shapes do too.

4. Dissonance

The photo i used that i took was the one of myself. This composite has the same principles as the harmony composite only reversed. In this one there are musicians pictured that when i hear their music some kind of clash happens in my head or ears and i feel sharp annoyance and anger rather than calm. this is also portrayed in the colours and shapes.

5. Chaos

The photo of my own i have included in this composite is the one of the dog. Whenever i thought of the word chaos i thought of my computer desk at home, which is always messy and houses an assortment of random objects. this is how i chose to do this composite. In the 'chaos room', none of the colours match, there are random objects thrown in, and it is messy. This composite took the longest as it had the most elements in it, but also the easiest because i didnt have to think too hard about what elements to use.

6. Control

The photo of my own which i used is one of the coffee mug on the desk. I went with a similar approach to the chaos composite with this - this room is opposite to the chaos room, it has an obvious (in comparison) sense of control - everything matches, the colours are similar, even the scenery outside the windows is a controlled environment.

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