Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is what i got done in class for the poster for 'splatter art exhibition', using paint blobs we painted in an earlier class (using paper as a brush). we were only allowed to have the 3 blobs and text on the poster.

Here is another exercise we done using one blob and one word used several times.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

BSBDES301A- Explore use of colour #4- Small business webpage skin and logo

Logo and Colours

Website Colours and Fonts

Website- Home page

Website- Another page

The business that I picked out is Locks Hair Salon, and the accompanying Pantone colour is Pantone 519. Pantone 519 is a dark purple colour, which is appealing to a lot of young women so I chose this as my target market. The specifics of the target market I am aiming for are female, aged between 18 and 30, earn a medium income, and are of middle social class. The kind of woman who buys Avon makeup because it’s a third of the price of Revlon and does the same job. The kind of woman who watches Sex and the City not to see what dresses the girls will wear so they can buy the same thing the next day, but for the storyline. The kind of woman who shops at Kmart - she wants something functional, not fancy. This is what I am portraying this Hair Salon as – a no nonsense, get the job done and make the ‘easily pleased’ customer happy. This salon is not meant to be upper class or extravagant – definitely not the place Joh Bailey would release a new hair product. This is what I would like to portray in my website – I do not want the website to show a place that the target market will feel uncomfortable and out of place in. I would like to throw in a few elements that are fancier than the rest of the webpage, to add a bit of style and excitement.
The goals of the website are that it has to:
• Be easy to navigate. This target market won’t be looking at spending a long time sifting through useless pages, they will be in to get the information they need and leave.
• Be easy to read – using fonts that look fancy and funky to make the viewer think the business is fancier than it really is.
• Use the colour I have been given (and the tints and shades developed from it) only enough so it’s not like ‘overkill’. The Pantone 519 colour is used mainly in fonts and menu panels, rather than the main background colour.
• Keep the logo on all pages of the website so the viewer remembers what site they are on. The more the viewer sees the logo, the more likely they are to remember it.
• Keep all pages similar to each other – a sign of repetition and familiarity. As a general rule, humans like and need order in their lives, and this should be remembered, even for a website the target market is going to spend a short time viewing. This makes them feel comfortable, and they are more likely to use the services offered if they are comfortable.
The research I conducted showed the more fancy, upper class hair salons used a lot of gold and neutral colours on their websites, and their logos were text only, with no motifs. As this is not the target market I am aiming for, I decided to use a motif in my logo. The woman’s hair silhouette motif is simple, easy to recognise and remember, and easily says ‘this is a hair salon’ – it is not confusing to the viewer.
I am confident the website design I have produced meets the goals I have set. I believe it looks good without looking fancy or trashy. I kept to a monochromatic colour scheme to keep the theme simple and easy to work with.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

images-text-culture part 2

this time different subjects, a little less obvious, and a little more abstract.






aussie pub

aussie pub 2

Friday, June 4, 2010

He's finally finished!!!

and he's huge. Gene Simmons Typography...