Friday, November 18, 2011

NSWTGDES502A: Develop a Graphic Design Portfolio

The Job advert

Promotional Item - Business Card


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Print Portfolio

pieces to go into print portfolio (will add more as i find them)

print portfolio ideas i liked

Wednesday, August 3, 2011



1 Cup Rice
1 Cup chopped vegetables
1 can of Beer
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Cook rice with water in a pot. While this is boiling, chop vegetables. When rice is cooked, take off the boil and drain water.
2. Return rice to the pot, pour in can of beer and vegetables, and simmer for 10-15 minutes, stirring constantly so it doesn't stick to the pot. Add salt and pepper.
3. Serve Risotto with lamb chops or sausages.

Drink best accompanied with dish is, naturally, Beer. Ideal to serve your mates when they come around to watch the footy or cricket.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CSS questions

  1. How do you set the background colour of your website?
    you set out the code like so:
    body {background-color: #000000;}

  2. How do you set a background image and repeat it horizontally?
    in the body section after the body colour and the image url line, have this-
    background-repeat: repeat-x;

  3. How do you set the font size of all paragraphs to be 14px?
    p: {font-size: 14;}

  4. How do you underline text?
    you use the line:
    text-decoration: underline;

  5. What is a pseudo-class?
    This is a term used to categorise a link if it has been visited, unvisited, active, or looks different if you hover over it.

  6. How do you set the colour of all links on your website to be red?
    a: {color: red;}

  7. How do you set the roll-over colour of all links to be orange?
    a: hover {color: orange;}

  8. What is the Box Model?
    This is what describes the area around an element.

  9. What are the two ways we can increase space around content?
    a margin- eg: body {margin: 100px 50px 100px 50px;}
    or padding, if it is a heading- eg: h1 {background: orange; padding: 50px 50px 50px 50px;}

  10. What is the purpose of a 'div' tag?
    to divide text elements into groups and then give them different styles.

  11. When is a 'class' more appropriate to use than an 'id'?
    When you are needing to classify a whole group or paragraph seperate from others, and when there is more text than one line or word (which is when id would be more useful)

  12. What is a floating element and when is it useful?
    It is when a body of text is set to go around, or to the side of an element (or picture). This can be useful if you want to keep an even amount of space between all elements (or images)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

job research


Junior Graphic Designer / Digital Operator
  • What are the mandatory portfolio requirements of the job?- as the job demands a high level of proficiency in InDesign, it would be essential to have some pieces in the portfolio which show experience in this program.
  • What skills/experience does the job require?- experience with the Adobe Creative suite, in paricular InDesign; need to be innovative, creative, well presented, have strong communication skills, experience with customer service and general admin, possess qualities of youth, passion, drive, enthusiasm, credibility, accuracy, and professionalism.
  • What portfolio pieces do you have that would be appropriate for this position? As it is in a printer i think print based pieces like brochures, fliers and business cards.
  • Would a digital or print portfolio be best suited for this position? Both?- both would be ideal because the application requires a PDF of examples from your portfolio.

be our mid-weight graphic designer - cobe design

  • What are the mandatory portfolio requirements of the job?- that the files are kept under 3mb.
  • What skills/experience does the job require?- experience with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, HTML/Dreamweaver, and After Effects.
  • What portfolio pieces do you have that would be appropriate for this position?- due to their existing client base of varying levels of corporate companies believe business cards, brochures and logos would be ideal.
  • Would a digital or print portfolio be best suited for this position? Both?- perhaps both, more so a digital one as the application states to supply examples of work.

Graphic design / Illustrator

  • What are the mandatory portfolio requirements of the job?- that the pieces sent be relevant to the company.
  • What skills/experience does the job require?- experience with MACs, Adobe Creative suite, graphic design, logo development, websites, style guides; and the ability to draw freehand.
  • What portfolio pieces do you have that would be appropriate for this position?- character illustrations, logos, web design concepts.
  • Would a digital or print portfolio be best suited for this position? Both?- both- the application requires examples of relevant work to be emailed with resume but a print portfolio would be ideal at an interview because of the illustrations.

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Website

link to my website is HERE

BSBDES401A - The Design Solution.

These are the two ideas i developed - the first is my favorite. I have tried both in different colour schemes and all ive tried work well.

BSBDES401A- Generating ideas

Idea #1-Bold and simple, incorporating the Home Tavern into the border around the band's name. I originally wanted the band's name to be 3D but when i tried it, it didnt look as good as id hoped.

Idea # 2- having an old school style poster 'stuck' onto a brick wall. i never got around to developing this one, but jules had a similar idea and developed hers.

Idea # 3- This is meant to have a happy, summery, retro feel to it. Again, once developed, looked better 2D than 3D

Thursday, June 23, 2011

BSBDES401A- Undertaking research to inform the design solution

There was only one other establishment i could think of that had a similar setup to what Trevor wanted with his television graphics, and that is at the Narrandera Exservices Club. The graphics they have on their screens advertise more than just entertainment (because their establishment obviously would offer more than Trevor's would, being a Club), and its quite obvious it is a Powerpoint presentation. All their slides are very basic and most have scrolling text. Here are some photos of some of the slides taken on my phone:

BSBDES401A- Defining the design challenge

The first meeting that Jules and I had with Trevor Jones, our client, we were well prepared for. Jules and I had discussed questions we were going to ask before the meeting, and we prepared ourselves with everything to take notes. Trevor was prepared, and he knew vaguely what he wanted- he knew the product he wanted, but he didnt know exactly how he wanted it to look only that he wanted it to look good. I believe i acted in a professional manner and the need for me to be firm never arose. I didnt feel intimidated by Trevor, and im sure he wasnt intimidated by me at all.

BSBDES401A- Water Bottle design rationale and feedback summary

For my final design i decided to go with a bold and simple design with a bold and simple statement. I had a lot of trouble with the placement of the type but after getting some help it worked out ok. I wanted a modern approach so i used a sans serif typeface. The feedback i recieved at the end of the project was the type i used for the main focal point may have been too bold. The colours i chose because blue is generally associated with water and black and white go well together and with any other colour. experimenting with the placement of the colours didnt work too well- the one with the white background didnt look quite right. Some feedback i recieved about the bottle 'I' was that people would more likely associate it with a Coke bottle because it has a slight curve in it. the conclusion of my feedback was that although it does look good, the type may have been too bold which is why it has more function than form.

BSBDES401A- Generate Design Solutions- Water Bottle Project Roughs

First ideas

sketch of final design

early versions