Thursday, June 23, 2011

BSBDES401A- Water Bottle design rationale and feedback summary

For my final design i decided to go with a bold and simple design with a bold and simple statement. I had a lot of trouble with the placement of the type but after getting some help it worked out ok. I wanted a modern approach so i used a sans serif typeface. The feedback i recieved at the end of the project was the type i used for the main focal point may have been too bold. The colours i chose because blue is generally associated with water and black and white go well together and with any other colour. experimenting with the placement of the colours didnt work too well- the one with the white background didnt look quite right. Some feedback i recieved about the bottle 'I' was that people would more likely associate it with a Coke bottle because it has a slight curve in it. the conclusion of my feedback was that although it does look good, the type may have been too bold which is why it has more function than form.

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