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ICPPP224B: Produce pages using a page layout application

ICPPP224B- Produce pages using a page layout. Nicole Walsh

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1. You wound need to ask the client to specify the style they want- for this particular project, Salvador Dali has a few different styles of work and the client may need to specify which particular movement they wanted the booklet to follow.
2. You could save wasting time by getting as much information out of the client as you can when you brief them at the beginning. By chosing colours, images, styles and possibly fonts they like, this would save them wanting you to change things later on.
3. Research for this project would be taken out by searching online or in books for Salvador Dali and his artworks. Being the famous artist and eccentric person he was, there is a lot to be found. The things you could search for include artworks, involvement in different art movements, quotes, political statements, biographies, museums and exhibitions.
4. Suggestions i would offer: be more specific with what information they wanted in the booklet- if they want a biographical approach or more of a factual account of the artist’s paintings. - Specify a budget they are planning on sticking to. -Specify their choice of stock, and weather they would like the cover a different stock to the rest of the booklet.
5. Limitations you would come across would most likely just be with the images- getting big enough images to be of print resolution may be an issue if you are sourcing images from the internet. Also copyright could be an issue in some cases.
6. Setting the document up in InDesign allows you to place elements and still have the option of editing them in other programs, without too much drama. You can also have styles set for paragraphs, characters and objects which can be edited to suit the style of the document. The text options are good also- including placement of text boxes and text wrap.
7. For the printer i have chosen,, i will need to set up my file as CMYK, have already spell checked the text, fold and crop marks are clearly specified, at least 2mm bleed and fonts need to be supplied or converted to curves/ outlines. Issues which may uccur could be placing the pages in the wrong order and they will end up printing wrong. other problems might arise if there are any steps left out of the preflight checklist which may prolong printing due to errors with colours, fonts or images.

Printing Quotes
Whirlwind Print (
150 gsm
matt finish
QTY 1000

Specs: Has to be PDF; 5mm internal and 5mm external bleed on booklets; 300 DPI; CMYK; clear but short file names (eg NL_BOOK.PDF); colour maximum 300% for coated stock, 260% for uncoated stock; outline or embed fonts.

Ready Steady Print (
150 gsm
matt finish
QTY 1000

Specs: Do spellcheck; has to be correct size for product ordered; CMYK; 2mm bleed on all edges; text to be outlined or made into curves.

I would chose to go with Ready Steady Print because they are cheaper. Although Whirlwind are more specific with their requirements, they are not instantly recognisable as an Australian company like Ready Steady Print is, which i feel is important.

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