Thursday, June 23, 2011

NSWTGDES501A Research and experiment with techniques to develop typography

Part 2: Documentation rationale

Modern: This cover can be classed as modern because it has clean, sharp lines; use of 3D elements; uses an modern sans serif typeface and has a neutral colour scheme, all of which is evident in modern design. One other colour (red- symbolic in the book) is added for the elements to stand out and be different.

Monotone: This design is monotonic in two ways- it portrays only one theme of the story (shame) and has a colour theme that is monotone- shades of one colour. The type lacks variety in its style.

Passive: This cover is passive because the text isn't overbearing at all. In terms of form v's function this is definately more function than form. the colours, where they don't directly relate to the book, they are a shade of the red which is a symbol in the book. The type used doesnt make the viewer feel anything.

Retro: This cover is retro style because the colour scheme, repetition of circles and type is similar to what was used in design in the 1940's-1970's (which is when the retro era is classed as). The type has a retro feel by being sans serif with a funky twist to it. the colour scheme and large 'A' are based on themes in the story.

Aggressive: This cover is aggressive by having bold, angry text and colours. The elements are all trying to fight for your attention at the same time.

Classic: As this book was set in the 1700's i based my design around the style of design that was popular then. Serif fonts were used then, which is why i have used the type i have. This cover is made to look like a hard cover book without its dustjacket, complete with texture and embossed type. The dividers inconspicuously incorporate the 'A' symbol from the book.

Dynamic: the elements used on this cover (type, shapes and colour scheme) all have a fast moving, energetic feel to them. These include diagonal lines, elements changing from one colour to another quickly, changing from smooth to sharp elements quickly and 'the' and 'letter' font looks like it has been made with a brush, which indicates movement in the design process.

Futuristic: this cover utilises futuristic design styles of smooth shapes and neutral, bold colours. The type is smooth in shape, made to look smooth in texture and is neutral and bold. The 'A' is symbolic of the meteor in the book.

Grungy: This cover is based on a Grunge music style album cover - 'Ten' by Pearl Jam. It has similar elements including textured background, hand images (which is also symbolic of the mother and daughter in the book) and the font is similar in that it is sans serif and bold.

Part 3: class exercises
Link to 10 Type Treatments

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