Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We were given the task of researching 10 different types of company's logos and seeing what already works for those industries, and making a logo based on this.

Most logos for excavation companies had a picture of an excavator :-) the text was all fairly basic, and colours were simple- mostly black with sometimes some earthy colours like yellow or red thrown in. i decided to keep it simple with one colour for this logo.

the logos for precast concrete were mainly grey and black. some had pictures of cement trucks and some had little square formations as their 'picture'. i chose to go with the cement truck.
After class critique- a few changes

most logos i seen for joineries were in blue, black, grey or brown, with a picture along side the text. the pictures used were houses. saws, trees, wood, and other tools.
After class critique-

the car hire logos i seen online were varied- some had pictures of cars, and some had pictures of the road. colour didnt seem to be an issue with this kind of company, most the logos were one or two colours but the colours used were red, green, yellow, blue and black. some had just the name of the company and no logo.

most of the logos i found had just the name, some had a simple picture of a microscope or similar instrument, and the main colours used were black, grey and blue.

The logos i found for skate shops were all fairly similar- plain text (only slightly stylised) with a picture of a skateboard or a skateboarder, some with a splash of red thrown in. this is what i based my design on.

the italian style cafe's i researched had a lot of different elements betweent them- script font for main title with other text small and plain; a picture of fruit; a picture of coffee; and brown, red or green were the colours mainly used. i tried my hand at a logo with a fruit basket.

The logos i seen online for sex shops were mainly black with the odd bit of red or pink thrown in. some of the pictures they had were silhouettes, lips and hearts. i tried to do something different by putting it all into a box, i didnt see any like that.

The logos i seen for watch and clock shops were elegant and fancy, but some weren't, they had a script font with clock part graphics, like mine.

The musical instrument logos i found online were mainly black and some had pictures of musical instruments, and this is where the idea for this logo came from.

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