Saturday, May 22, 2010

CUFDIG304A-Create visual design components

Finished Body of Work

Business Card


With Compliments Slip


Outside of Brochure

Inside of Brochure


My logo and stationary set was made for a Debt Collection agency called GMB Debt Collection. The GMB stands for 'Get Money Back', which means it is aimed more towards businesses wanting to get back money which is owed to them. Given this, i went for a professional, serious tone. The research i done on the internet proved a lot of the most professional looking debt collection agencies had the colours blue and grey in their logos. These are the colours i decided to work with. I tried to go with a simple, stark look for my business card, letter head and with compliments slip, and i added more colours and elements to my bookmark and brochure.

At the class critique, before i had even presented my work i realised i needed to make some changes after hearing the feedback and recommendations from the rest of the classes presentations.

With my brochure there were a lot of changes that had to be made. I needed to include headings, take out the page numbers (as it is a four page brochure they werent really needed), the phone numbers on the back page had to be 'squared up' a bit (because the text was centre aligned) and one thing i picked up on was there were too many additional elements, which i would need to cull.

On the business card, my name had to be bigger and the logo smaller. I also needed to include more contact information. With the with compliments slip i needed to rethink the script font of the 'with compliments' as it looked out of place. With the logo, a lot of people thought the curve elements looked a lot like headphones or sound waves, which was unintentional! I was also advised to 'bring it in a bit'- make the logo tighter.

The reconstruction of my stationary set started with the logo. As i was happy with the original one, i changed it to the words and one curve either side, rather than two. This was the logo i used until near the end, when i changed to one curve on an angle and moved the text around. I changed the logo in all the stationary, and re-arranged everything according to suggestions made my the class.

My biggest challenge was the brochure- in the end i changed it about three times before i was happy it met the criteria. I wanted to include the light grey curve element somewhere without making it look too overdone. With the with compliments slip and the letterhead i left this element out because they would be considered official documents they needed to look more 'clinical' than the rest of the stationary.

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