Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Portfolio Websites

Scarlet Gothica
i like how the works are categorized into their themes and mediums. i also like how the style of the site mirrors this artists style of art.

Jessica Castro
this site is engaging and exciting the moment you click on it. i like how there are previews of the work that you click on to see bigger, and the parts where the photos are big enough on the screen it is easy to navigate with next and previous buttons.

Rachael Greene
nice colours and logo, easy viewing of the works... clean and simple, doesnt distract viewers attention away from the art.

jeremy bechtel
again...simple, nice colours that dont distract the viewer, easy to use interface... i particularly like how when he is showcasing a website, the website image comes up on a computer screen.

matt keyes

i like how this one is so simple, there is nothing to distract the viewer from the art. you see the art as soon as you click onto the site and there are the next and previous buttons again.

Claudia Dose
this site serves its purpose as allowing artists to showcase their works but the style doesnt change, and isnt 'editable'

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