Friday, May 6, 2011

Motel Project

List of things wrong with information given, and solutions to each problem:


- photos poor quality.

- Spelling mistakes.

- Too many photos for a DL flier.


- ask if client has other photos that are better quality, if not, offer to take photos yourself (at an extra cost)

- Offer to fix mistakes at an extra cost.

- Ask client to narrow selection of photos down to a limited amount set by you.

Email sent to client explaining problems and offering solutions:

Dear Mrs Greentree,

Thank you for supplying the information and photographs for your flier. I have unfortunately run into some issues and I need some input from you.

The photos you have provided are of unworkable quality, and I am unable to use them. Perhaps you have the same photos that are larger in size and higher resolution that I may be able to use? If not I could provide a photography service to you.

I have also notices a few spelling mistakes, I could fix them for you if you agree with my findings.
Also, there are quite a few photographs you have chosen to use, and given the amount of text there will be no need for at least half of them. Perhaps you could chose the ones you would most like on the flier and not worry about the rest.

These extra services i can provide for you will come at a small cost, which we could discuss later.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Regards, Nicole Walsh, 123 Design Agency.

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