Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Festival Posters

a few really cool and effective ones...

This one is especially good i think because it is a busy poster, and has a lot of styles in in, yet it shows all the information and looks good.

This is cool, its busy also but it is affective. A lot of effort would have gone into the drawing on this poster.

This one is bright and colorful, yet isnt too detailed to look too busy.

This poster is simple yet effective. The logo is simple, and can be easily transferred to paper or mechendise. The colours are nice too.

This poster is bright, colorful, and different. I like the one style of the buildings against another style of the trees. It is a bit busy though, with different colours clashing with each other (eg, the adicts logo against the softness of the sky).

This poster is bright, bold and interesting. Even though the festival logo doesnt stand out as much as some others, you do see it after you initially look at the bear.

This poster is awesome, a lot of work has gone into the design of it. there are a lot of colours which are effective in catching people's attention. There are sun rays, which since it has been pointed out in class, there does seem to be a lot of everywhere. In this case i think it adds to the effectiveness of the design. The logo itself is a bit hard to work out - is it just the banner or is it the guitar, flames and feather/petal things as well?

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