Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Magazine article

  1. WHAT WORKS? How the articles and advertisment are all easily seperated, they dont blend into one another and cause confusion. The Roundup advertisment taking up half the page, it is eye catching. Also the positioning of the text on both the articles, they are different from one another - if they were the same it would look boring.
  2. WHAT DOESN'T WORK? I thought the green and white gradient was a good idea at the start but it doesnt work when everything else is finished. The font of the gun laws heading, i should have changed that to something different, or made the text smaller. I should also have moved the articles (the gun heading and the tractor picture) lower down from the border at the top.
  3. WHAT ARE THE DIFFICULTIES YOU ENCOUNTERED WITH SPLITTING THE RECTANGLE? Only that there are so many different ways to do it (vertical, horozontal, one column, two or more columns, etc) and it was hard choosing which way to go because any way would have worked. I didnt particularly like the idea of having the two articles (gun and tractor) in same shape rectangles so I made them different widths but still the same size, and it seems to work

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