Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Photographers and their photos i like

Edward Steichen
I like the contrast of the dark and light in this photo, and how the outside, the black bits, are not as focused as the centre, the people. i also like the older style of this photo.

Robert Adams
I like the contrast of this photo - how the lights of the machines stand out so much against the black clouds - and the positioning, how the body of the subject is positioned lower so you can see more of the clouds and the sky.

Jeff Wall

I like the clarity and brightness of this photo- and the action shot of the drink spilling. The subject looks a bit paranoid or anxious.

Gregory Crewdson

I like the light shining in on this photo, and the contrast between that and the dark plants,and how the garden is indoors.

Martin Parr

I like this photo because of the fact one of its subjects is anonymous- there is a lady but we dont know what she looks like because the flag is covering her face. i like the focus on the flag, and the bright colours.

Cindy Sherman

I like this photo because the colours of the background are striking.. and the subject of a clown- its meant to be a happy subject but the look on its face isnt very happy at all.

Tony Vaccaro

I like this photo because its subject looks so peaceful and not caring. The contrast with the light and dark is cool.

Richard Billingham

The light in this photo makes all the colors in the background. I like this photo because it captures the subject's personalities.

Larry Clark

I like this photo because the light and darkness work well together, and the subject is kind of wrong.


I like the busy-ness of this photo, there is a lot to look at. The cat looking at the photo of Yoko is cool, its almost like it is thinking...'umm, thats not Yoko', and it looks like that is what Araki is capturing.

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