Friday, August 27, 2010

CUVVSP11B - Apply Techniques to Produce Digital Images

(please note, images have been resized for blog)

Brush with fame (full image)

Naturally i had to put myself in with the greatest band of all time. The size threw me a bit, the picture is wider than the size we were given for the project. This one forced me to try different things in Photoshop I had never done before.


This one is rather self explanitory...underwater playground for real and made up sea creatures- modern and prehistoric.

Me, Myself, I

Not my first go at this... had to redo it because of my wee little 4 megapixel camera's photos were not big enough. This one was fun though.

When it rains, it pours!
In case its not obvious, this poor bloke is goin through a whole lot of dramas. Hes that broke he has to sell the house and ute...providing his missus doesnt take it as she's leaving him. His old faithful pooch died and to top it off...he's run out of beer. No wonder he's crying.

Brush with fame (proper scale)

So this is this one the same scale as the other images...i had to show them both because thiso ne the sides got chopped off...

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